Melbourne House Inspection

Our fully-licensed and experienced inspectors examine all areas of the property and provide a thorough inspection, such as:

  • The exterior of the building
  • The interior of the property
  • Under-floor space
  • Roof space
  • Carport, garage, and garden shed
  • The roof exterior
  • Small retaining walls
  • Fencing, stairs, driveways, and paths
  • Separate laundry or toilet

Does a Building and Pest Inspection Report Allow People to Terminate a Contract?

A common belief when it comes to a building and pest report is that even minor defects can count as reason enough to terminate a contract or fully re-negotiate pricing. According to Australian law, the buyer must act honestly and reasonably during the process.

In Victoria a buyer can rescind a building contract if they have as a condition a building and pest inspection clause giving them 7 days to conduct a building and Pest Inspection of the property and if during the building pest inspection a major defect or termites are discovered and reported on within the report then the buyer has a right to cancel or renegotiate the contract price.

If the property has been bought at auction, this does not apply only relevant to private building sales.

The most important aspect of the building pest inspection report is that the inspection must be conducted by a VBA Registered Building Practioner ,if your building inspector is not registered then the buyer can not rescind the contract.

As the pre purchase building pest inspection industry in Victoria is not regulated, anyone can conduct a building inspection but unmerchantly not many buyers realize this so they need to ask “Are you registered and also to check there registration as many inspectors lie.

In fact, a seller could potentially fight/challenge a purchaser’s decision to terminate a contract if there are reasonable grounds. This often happens when the pre-auction inspection only gives a few or minor damages.

Some other factors that may help determine whether the person can terminate or re-negotiate a contract involve the following:

  • The property’s age
  • If the problem was obvious to the eye when the first offer was made
  • Major defects like termite infestation
  • And more

What Are Some Common Defects Found In a Building and Pest Inspection?

House inspection of collapsed roof


There are many things inspectors can find in a property, especially when it comes to older houses. Overall, the following is a list of some common issues we’ve encountered in each pest inspection (Melbourne):

  • Damaged/defective gutters and roof
  • Cracked tiles
  • Damping problems
  • Leaking showers or faucets
  • Flooding
  • Cracks
  • Termite infestations

While some of these structural issues could be solved quickly, other problems like termite damage may involve costly repairs. In those cases, the buyer can use the report to make negotiations and deal with these problems.

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