The purchase of a house is a big decision and the most important thing is to employ an experienced Building  inspector and to provide a Melbourne House Inspection report that will identif the presence of any defects,the location of these defects as well as providing photos and cost of rectification of all defects mentioned in report 
Although there are a lot of people asking for a pre purchase report before buying a property there ase still many that do not conduct building inspections of there new home as its not mandatory to do so in melbourne at the moment and i fail to understand why so many people when buying a property do not do a Building Inspection as there so many houses that have structural and major issues that require the attention of the prospective buyer that could cost them thousands to fix in the future if defects exist and there could also be termite damage or drainage issues
My advice is to always get your new purchase inspected before signing the contract of sale.its not worth the risk for the small amount required to employ the services of a competent building inspector to conduct a melbourne house inspection report
We inspected a property recently in the south east suburbs that looked immaculate from the outside and all the internal areas were serviceable in condition,but upon closer inspection there seemed to be damage to the timber flooring and upon inspection of the sub floor we discovered that there was extreme damage to the foor boards from water damage as well as finding termite trails at floor joist junctions with floor boards which indicated the presence of live termites,if the prospective buyers did not employ our services then they would have had to spend many thousands to rectify,so it does make sence to employ the services of an inspector to provide a melbourne house inspection report.
melbourne house inspectionsHow many times have i inspected the sub floor only to uncover rotten floor boards,termite trails and defective stumps holding bearers and floor joists that are ready to collapse, my client had walked away from the purchase but someone else bought it and he was celebrating at the day of auction without realising that he just bought himself a “Lemon” which was going to cost him thousands to remedymelbourne house inspections




Your Building Inspections inspector will inspect for any Roof Defects which should include-Rusted roof sheeting-Cracked Tiles-Moss buildup on tiles-hip and ridge capping and check the mortar for any cracks,these will be included in your melbourne house inspection report as well as the following
He will also check your roof line -is it even??-any tree overhang -box gutter conditions etc rust,ponding or any debris .He will also check any parapet walls if required and all valley gutters
 Building inspections identify all defects
Building Inspections Rotten Fascia


Checking of your gutters is a must as he will look for rust and any debris that could cause problems with surface water going back into your home-are the downpipes connected to storm water-are the downpipes rusted or blocked-are they aligned correctly


Is there any evidence of any rot present,is the timber sound,are the eaves even or have they become detached-is there evidence of Asbestos present


Are the weatherboards even,any sign of timber fungal decay-are the plinth boards intact-any evidence of termite infestation -inadequate subfloor ventilation is very important to check as is cross flow ventilation-Gaps around window and door frames


Are there any signs of any structural defects or settlement cracks to brickwork and do they pose a safety issue-any rising damp present-is the damp proof course visible-is the mortar holding its strength-weep holes present and are they clear of debris or vegetation-any evidence of cracking over windows and doors -are all lintels in good order


Any evidence of timber decay to doors and timber windows-any cracking to glass panes-sash cords broken/damaged-are the windows opening or are they binding-are any doors binding-are all locks and handles ok-any door rattle-door seals


probably the most important part of the building inspection -any evidence of dampness or any surface water present-all plumbing intact-no leaking from bathrooms or the Laundrydilapidation reports melbourne
Any decay rot to timber flooring,joists and bearers-any decay to timber stumps,are the concrete stumps cracked have they been installed correctly-inadequate footings-all electrical wiring installed correctly,no loose un connected wiring-any timber or debris present and has the ductwork been installed correctly or is it damaged
damage to floorboards in sub floor
damage to floor boards in sub floo


are all the balustrades installed correctly or any evidence of rot,minimun gaps required of no more than 125mm between railings as this is a safety issue for children
Is the decking and framing adequate and been installed according to the building code-all pergolas installed correctly with no evidence of timber decay,post rot and all decking is installed correctly-are all the gutters and downpipes installed as required
is the condition of the roof gutters and downpipes reasonable or do they require rectification-any evidence of water damage to doors-are the garage doors openening and closing-any cracks to concrete slab or oil stains present


whats the condition of the roof cladding-any leaks present or evidence of broken tiles-are all framing timbers secure and installed to the building code-is the insulation adequate,does the insulation touch any downlights-are there downlight covers installed-is the condition of ductwork satisfactory or is it detachedroof void inspections


are all the ceilings intact with any evidence of cracking, sagging or mould present in bathrooms or laundries-are the moisture readings within the range,is all flooring intact with no defects,no evidence of sagging or “bouncing”floors
Are the floors level-are all doors and windows closing or is there evidence of “binding”-no evidence of any structural defects and are all floor coverings satisfactory


check water pressure evidence of water hammer present-all tap ware and pipes are they operating adequately-shower tiles and grout showing signs of deteriotion and any water damage to skirtings
Are shower screens intact with door opening and closing and are they sealed not alowing any water to escape-are toilets operating as intended, are there any blockages noted -is the vanity condition satisfactory or are there defects present
Are exhaust fans present and are they operating as intended and are all tap flanges sealed correctly or is there water leaking into the sub floor-Check bath tub installation and how quick the excess water is leaving or are there blockages which will require rectification


We check the drainage,any blocked drains present,is the surface water flowing away from the house or going back to the foundations
Are all fences intact with no fungus decay evident to any timber members-are the retaining walls sound with no leaning or rot evident-is the driveway in reasonable condition with no cracking or settlement to concrete noted
Are any trees causing cracking to brick walls -are the pool gates self closing with no defects noted to any pool fencing