Why Purchasers of Buildings Should Get Their Buildings Inspected Before Purchase

Have you found your perfect Melbourne home and are ready to complete the purchase? Before you sign the dotted line, here’s something to think about. Has a pre-purchase building inspection been carried out? As excited as you are about getting the keys to your newly purchased house, please do not buy it until we have thoroughly inspected it.

What is a pre-purchase building inspection?

Pre-purchase building inspections are a thorough inspection of a property’s condition by a fully licensed building inspector with thorough knowledge of building and construction. They are qualified to inspect domestic and commercial structures and ensure a building complies with all the regulations and is safe for domestic or commercial use.

Why you should get the building inspected before buying it


A building inspection can give you the peace of mind that your new home is structurally safe. A resilient structure minimizes the risks of injury or death and property damage. An inspection of a building before you buy it can highlight unsafe areas in the building, faulty wiring, rotten floorboards, leaks, structural damage, poor craftsmanship, water damage, etc.


Every Melbourne home and commercial building must be built following the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards. This is a set of technical requisites for all buildings’ design, construction, and performance, including their plumbing and drainage systems.

In case of non-compliance, the builder is responsible. But if you don’t get the building inspected before you buy it, you will be accountable for any compliance problems. You will also be responsible for repairing it to meet the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards requirements.


You might have walked through your dream Melbourne home and checked every nook and corner. But are you sure there isn’t an infestation of termites under those superbly polished floorboards?

Thorough building inspections Melbourne can reveal unwelcome residents like rodents and termites. These pests hide in roof spaces, foundations, subfloor areas, doors, windows, frames, plumbing, and even wiring. They also have a way of causing severe structural damage and damage to the plumbing and wiring that can be revealed during an inspection.


At the end of an inspection, you will receive a detailed report of the property’s condition. The report can run into several dozens of pages, specifying each problem’s magnitude. The report can help you decide if you want to purchase the property and how much money you will need to set aside for any repairs.

A bargaining chip

Many sellers are not truthful about a building’s actual condition. If the report reveals damages that were not disclosed, you can assess if those damages devalue the overall cost of the home. Then, you can use the report as a bargaining chip to reduce the final price.

Final thoughts

Pre-purchase building inspections Melbourne are not a requirement. It is, however, the only guarantee of the building’s quality. It can help you determine if you are making a good buy and prevent any unwanted surprises after the building is yours.

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